Port of Constanta, Romania


Constanta port mission NC “Maritime Ports Administration” SA Constantza has the role of port authority for the Romanian Ports – Constantza, Midia and Mangalia (and Tomis Marina). From its position, it aims to provide quality and competitive services to the ports customers, to offer a developed transport infrastructure, as well as security, safety and environmental port conditions, thus encouraging the cargo traffic and transforming the Port of Constantza in to an important transit center – by offering the shortest transport alternative to the center of Europe and becoming a regional distribution center – the leader – for its hinterland.

The Port of Constantza is located at the crossroads of the trade routes linking the markets of the landlocked European countries to Transcaucasus, Central Asia and the Far East. The port has excellent connections with the Central and Eastern European countries through the Corridor IV (rail and road), Corridor VII – Danube (inland waterway), to which it is linked by the Danube-Black Sea Canal, and Corridor IX (road), which passes through Bucharest.

The two satellite ports Midia and Mangalia that are located not far from Constantza Port are part of the Romanian maritime port system under the coordination of Maritime Ports Administration SA Constantza.

The Port of Constantza is one of the main distribution centers for the Central and Eastern Europe, offering many advantages, of which mention must be made of:

  • Multi-purpose port with modern facilities and sufficient water depths in the port basins to accommodate the largest vessels passing through the Suez Canal;
  • Direct access to the Central and Eastern European countries through the Pan-European Corridor VII – the Danube;
  • A hub for the container traffic in the Black Sea;
  • Good connections with all modes of transport: railway, road, river, airway and pipelines;
  • Customs facilitations for commercial operations performed through the Port of Constantza;
  • Modern facilities for passenger vessels;
  • Land availability for future expansion;
  • Since 1st January 2007, the Port of Constantza has become Free Zone.


Andra OPREANU, Head of Foreign Affairs